Friday, April 20, 2012

Kitchen Counter Tops and Being Eco-Friendly

Next week the kitchen is having work done to it. New dry wall, counter tops, sink and flooring. I am thinking since so much work is being done its a great excuse to try to update it. New colors, new style and new textures would be great to fancy up a very boring kitchen.

When we were at the mall last week I saw this display for Counter tops. I loved all the colors and options. How cool would it be to have apple green or orange counter tops! When I got home I went to the website to learn more. I found out about stuff I did know but in all the excitement of a remodel I forgot to consider.

I read about how Kerrock does not need to be installed on top of substrate. (Substrates contain MDF Formaldehyde), does not require the use of sealants which contain Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC’s and it does not emit VOC gas from the material know as "gassing off". I am normally on top of these types of things so that my little guy does not breath in harmful toxins. I forgot to even think about the counter tops being a source of a pollutant in my home for my son. I would not to purchase something knowing it could be causing him harm. I want to do all I can to keep him healthy.

Plus another thing that I did not think about either. That granite and marble counter tops are not renewable resources. With it almost being Earth Day I want to make sure I am being Earth Friendly as well as keeping my family healthy. So much to consider other than how something might look!

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