Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Hat

My son loves hats. He will ask for one anytime we see one in the store. He tells me he looks cool in them. He says cool a lot makes me think I must say it a lot myself. I need a new word lol. But he did tell me my new shirt was pretty so at least he doesnt tell me I look cool too.

We got him his first official baseball ball hat at the mall. He has cute dog and bird hats but this was a big boy hat. He smiled so big as he pointed to the one he wanted and when we put it on him he was stunned. He has been wearing it since we bought it for him and I had to bargain with him to get him to take it off for bedtime.

Now all we need is to attend a baseball game for him to wear his hat to. I have been hinting to my husband that I want to go to a MLB game for my bday this summer. It would be so fun to take my son. I remember when Sam and I were taken to a Mariners vs Angels game when we were little. It was so fun! Afterwards there was a foil in the microwave to rewarm peanuts incident that I was blamed for lol but thats a whole other post itself.

I love how something as simple as a hat can bring my son joy, inspire bday ideas and make me recall awesome childhood memories.

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Nana said...

I love his new hat!! He looks like a big boy. I hope you all do go to a baseball game this season, they are a lot of fun. And the junk food is great too!!

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