Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day 2012

For Earth Day we attended a local community event that had all sorts of activities. Things for kids, entertainment of music and wild life and lots of great vendors. It was a hot day out for April but we still managed to have fun.

Roseville Electric had tons of info on how to save money on your energy bills and a big truck with a cherry picker extended high into the sky. My son's reaction was wow cool. :) I loved all the info on where to recycle your grease, how to keep your landscape earth friendly and organic snacks and treats to try. My sons favorite was all the dogs people brought with them. He saw tons of them and made sure to point out each one and for me to confirm that yes I do see the dog. He makes me smile with his love of animals.

As far as Reptiles though my son is not so eager to point out and touch. He learned about how a snake says Hissss and can point one out in a book or flash card. But when offered a pet of a snake he said no no no. Sweet little guy!

There was a live stage in the food court area with singers and animal performances.We watched a little of a few shows but had to keep moving around since there was so much to see. I was surprised at how big the event was.

 We also got to meet some great Moms from a Roseville Chapter Moms Group. We are just outside their zone for members or I would have signed up. But we did have a great time talking and learning about making recycled crayons. My son sat down had some snacks and we colored pictures. He loved that the table cover was Cars, just like his shoes.

I was delighted to see young kids cleaning up the local creeks near by the park the event was at and other children with bags picking up trash at the event. We wanted to see the Magic show but the whole time we were there we did not see if going on. We planned to wait a bit but my son started getting fussy and we got home out of the hot son. It was a fun time celebrating Earth Day.

How did you celebrate Earth Day?


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