Saturday, March 31, 2012

Toddler Imagination

Its funny how something as simple as a small box can be turned into a wonderment of magic. My son recently got a new pair of boots from Kidorable. The box the boots came in has turned out to be magical. Perhaps its because it was a pair of Dragons boots, I am not sure. My son sure thinks its magical. He carries the box all over the house taking things from the box and using them. Sometimes its food that he will feed to me and then himself. Or treats for the dog and his stuffed animals. He says Yum and makes sure I chew my snack he gives me from his magical box.

It brings me great delight to just sit and watch him "see" the items in his box and interact with them. He loves his magical box so much that he has been taking it in the car with him and offers his magical treats to everyone.

When I was a little kid I had an imaginary teacher, Mrs. Duck. My siblings all went to school so I think I made her up so I could be like them. I wonder if my son will have any imaginary playmates and who they will be.
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