Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mr. Chewy Orijen Dog Food Review

Just like with the rest of my family I like to make sure my dog is eating enough and getting the proper nutrition. Sometimes for us on a budget it means getting my dog a base food an then adding in a higher end food. She thinks of it as a treat to get great dog food like Orijen with her normal food. Its like being able to have lobster for dinner when you normally eat chicken. She really loved the flavor and I loved the high quality ingredients. 

Orijen is a Canadian dog food brand. They select all their ingredients regionally including free range chicken and turkey and wild caught fish. Almost sounds good enough for me to try! Orijen Adult Dog Food is Biologically Appropriate. Which means "formulated to nourish dogs and cats in keeping with their evolutionary and anatomical adaptation to protein-rich diets that include a broad variety of fresh meats." Many dog foods have the first ingredient as corn or corn meal, this is not the natural main ingredient a dog would eat, they are meat eaters by nature. I love that Orijen Dog food contains no corn. My dog has refused some brands of dog food and I assumed she was picky but she is not, she just knows she likes meat! carries a variety of Dog and Cat food including Orijen Adult Dog Food that can be delivered to your dog step. No more trying to get a big bag into your cart than into the house. Makes shopping for dog food super easy. With a wild two year year old and a busy schedule it can be easier to have it delivered.

 *I was not paid for our review. The opinions are 100% mine and may vary from others. I was provided the product mentioned in this post to review for free from the PR company that represents them. 

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