Saturday, March 3, 2012

L-O-S Olivos Travel California

As a kid I was lucky enough to live all over California and some parts of Washington state. My absolute favorite place we lived was Los Olivos CA. One funny thing I remember is a time someone asked my sister Sam how do you spell Los Olivos and her reply was L-O-S Olivos! Its odd how small thing like that make you laugh and recall great childhood memories. I loved living in the small little town where there was one school for K-8 and only 1 class for each grade. When we first moved there me, Sam and our older brother were all in the same school. It was funny to see my older brother who had been in junior high suddenly go back to having recess.

I could write a hundred blog posts about living there from field trips I will never forget, the time our older brother saved Sam from being swallowed up by a river after falling off the home made boat we made, the creatures around us from red foxes, snakes, coyotes that ate our chickens, horse riding lessons, oh the memories are endless. And most important it was the place my little sister was born, making our family complete. I feel like I need to write each story down as to not ever forget living in the one place I would love to move back to.

Main road through Los Olivos.

They have filmed many movies there too. I remember sitting on a bench in the local town park where they filmed park of Return to Mayberry and I laughed as an adult watching the movie Sideways since I knew exactly where many of the places were. I was telling my husband oh hey I used to ride my bike right by there. Los Olivos has had other celebrity happenings there. Michael Jackson had his ranch there too. When I was in the 5th grade we had a creative writing teacher who on the way back from a reading program stopped at the gates of the ranch so we could all knock and ask if Michael was home. Its those kind of adventurous things that made it fun to live in a small town where we used to buy sarsaparilla and keep it in a brown bag and sit out side the corner store to make tourist think we were drunken hillbilly children LOL! Oh the things kids will do if bored.

So if you ever planning a trip to CA and you like art, wine, relaxation and a small quaint town I would recommend L-O-S Olivos.


Nana said...

I remember our Los Olivos days fondly.We had a lot of fun there.There is something wonderful about small town living.You have a fabulous memory, too!

L Howard said...

I oddly remember my childhood better than anything. I can recall so many details but yet forget to get milk at the store lol Or like on Friday I left my Tide at Safeway after I paid lol

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