Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Another Reason I Go To Starbucks

Anyone living in Seattle knows that it is almost true that there is a Starbucks on every corner. And in the grocery store, too. Everywhere we look there is a Starbucks. I am proud of the fact that the very first Starbucks opened right here in Seattle and is still open today. We love our coffee up here, there is no doubt about it.

Seattle has a lot of different and distinctive neighborhoods. So each Starbucks can take on the flavor and vibe of that particular neighborhood. I was in the Pioneer Square neighborhood last week and popped in for a latte. Pioneer Square is a little eclectic and I like it that way. You just never know who or what you might see on the street, or in Starbucks, for that matter.

I loved this picture on the wall. I love the mellow atmosphere it creates on a cold windy day. There are long wooden tables to sit at and read the paper or chat with friends. Very relaxing.

But then again, this lady was also there. She graciously let me take her picture and it wasn't even Mardi Gras and I didn't even ask.


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