Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home Depot Kids Day

Our little family

Our local Home Depot puts on a Kids Day the 1st Saturday of every month and it's FREE! We had heard about them and decided to take the children to see what it was all about. When we got there we were surprised at how nicely it was put together and fun it would be for the boys. We were not sure about Baby L (not the baby anymore so I am calling him Little L) would do, he is kind of young for tools and a structured task. I have to say he did really well, I just had to bust out a snack in the middle of it to keep him busy! But all in all it was good that we let him participate, he loved every second of it. All of the tools you need for the simple project were out. This month it was a little race car. They boys got to use wood glue and a hammer!! It was so cool to see them build their own little race car :)

My boys...hard at work :)

JJ concentrating so hard on hitting that hammer :)

Little L doing his thing!

It was a great family day and it was FREE!! I recommend you see if your local Home Depot offers this or something like it.


Unknown said...

It is so awesome that Home Depot does that! My kids used to love going there and building stuff!

Aileen said...

Hey, that family photo is adorable.

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