Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finding Decor Inspiration

This last month I have been trying to makeover my living room. It has been the same drab room for almost 3 years now and I need change. Its the Spring time and I want this Spring and Summer to feel more inspirational. I have started to realize my surroundings are greatly effecting my attitude. I can be a frugal shopper so for me its harder to spend a lot of money on something nice if its for me. Its easy to buy someone else something nice, just seems harder to rationalize something nice for me. So I have told myself to decorate for the person I would like to be, rather than the me right now.  My sister Sam and my Mom have great decor sense they shop great places to find their decor. They seem to decorate as if the house is apart of their personality and I love that. I want to be more that way.

To get inspiration for redecorating, or should I say decorating in the first place! My room is a bare lifeless landscape. It needs personality. I went to the local mall and visited a few stores to get ideas from. I did sneak a peek at the sale items to see if there was anything I had to have. Its the frugal woman in me that hates to pay full price. But if its a piece I feel will make my room complete or is the piece that the room will be inspired from I am willing to pay full price for something like that.

Restoration Hardware is a really cool store. Its a sophisticated store full of updated classic high end furniture. I told my husband we could just bring our laptops and son and live in the store lol. It has a winter feel to me though. It has rich colors and would be beautiful for a den or a living room.

 Pottery Barn has been a long time favorite store of mine. They have cute stuff at a reasonable price. I love the light feeling of their products. They have colorful items that fit with my personality. I love the white Spring look that they have display at my local store. It reminds me of the ocean and looks so fresh. Its beautiful but with a wild 2 year old there is no way I could have a white living room or bedroom set up. I looked at many of the accessories as a small inspiration. It was so fun to look at all the great home decor items at my local mall to find ideas for my living room makeover and future ideas for other rooms.

What is your favorite store to look in for Home Decor inspiration?

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