Thursday, March 29, 2012

Attending In Store Decorating Seminars

We are currently working on redecorating our home. The Spring cleaning buzz has me wanting to re-arrange organize and buy some new items. For me one of the biggest challeneges is picking colors that I will want to see everyday. I am a commitment phobe when it comes to decorating.

Last week when we were shopping for furniture at RC Willey we read about a In Store Decorating Seminar about Color. I knew I wanted to attend this one. Spending money to decorate your home is a investment in your happiness, I wanted to make sure I was making good decisions. I enjoy looking at the room set ups on display on the showroom floor, its always great for ideas. We learned about color theory and many aspects of interior decorating. It was presented in a simple and understandable way. They did a great job.

When we arrived 10 minutes early to the Decorating Seminar we were surprised to see the huge line of people and an already filled room. Even the store employees were surprised by the turn out. They had to get more seating, more flyers and get out a microphone system. The event started much later than they had planned. My son was doing a great job trying to behave. He colored, had cookies and rolled around on the floor. Thankfully our seating was a nice plush couch! There were many families there with their kids. The man next to us had his little girl who was playing a hand held video game that my son was trying to get a peek at. Towards the end of the 1 hour seminar my son began to grab things and tried to drink out of a candle lol. But he did great and nothing was broken in the store.  RC Willey was nice enough to hand out $25 gift cards for everyone who attended and a giveaway of 5 $50 giftcards, I am sure thats why the crowd was so big.

My favorite thing we learned was about the 60-30-10 rule of decorating. They explained how its like a mans suit where there is 60% one color, the pants and dress coat, 30%  an accent color, the dress shirt, and 10% the accessories color, the tie. In relation to room decorating its the wall paint, the furniture color and the room accessories like lamps, vases, pillows. We had a fun time, learned some new stuff, found some color inspiration and will be going back later in the week to shop with our gift cards.

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