Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why my Kid is like a Cat

My son loves cats, but I think he is starting to turn into one! He has a few characteristics that make me think this.

1. He hates water on his head. Getting him into the tub is a wrestling match. He hates it! He grabs onto the towel bar in fear of the tub and will shriek and jump onto me trying to get out if water touches his head.

2. He will jump off of anything! ANYTHING!

3. He loves to eat fish!

4. He has a strong "escape instinct" lol if I try to get him for a diaper change, nap time or to wipe his hands or face he runs for it.

5. He will follow you around and jump on your lap as soon as you sit down.

6. He is an aggressive player. Just like a cat jumping, rolling, biting, wrestling are all things he thinks are apart if playing. Thank goodness he does not have claws!

7. He likes to lick up his beverages. He cracks me up he will pour a small amount of liquid onto a surface and lick it up like a kitten. He thinks its hilarious!

8. He will jump into your seat the second you get out of it then just lay there like it was his spot in the first place.

9. He likes to chase birds! If he sees them at the park he will run for them full force trying to catch one.

10. He has different noises he makes that mean different things. He does talk but he likes to make noises to say things. If he starts to purr I am going to really worry.


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Nana said...

That is so funny and sweet!!

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