Monday, February 13, 2012

Upside Down Kitchen

Well its not literally upside down but all the chairs are. It seems no matter what I do with the nos, time outs and explanations my son could care less as to why he should not jump from kitchen chairs or use them to get on top of the table to try to leap from there. He thinks it "cool" as he says to leap from everything he can. He worries me and I try to stay calm asking him nicely to get down. I know hes a boy, they are wild but oh my the time I came into the kitchen and he was standing on the kitchen table with the biggest smile on his face like he climbed Mount Everest I nearly passed out. He leaped as soon as he realized I had seen him. Thankfully I caught him but then he giggled and now thinks its a really fun game. My solution has been to turn the chairs over. He can almost pick them up but I tell him its not time for chairs and he seems to be satisfied with that answer, for now.

I hear from Sam her younger boy has the same love for chairs and leaping from things. I am not sure if it their genes or their love of the thrill of making Mom freak out. I used to blame my husband for our sons wild streak but now it seems to be a trend on my side. lol

I dont want to give fear to my son. I love his fearless nature. He is a mini explorer and very energetic. I want him to be careful but not fragile. I just tell myself, well when I am not saying no-no or get back here, that I am sure people that are in extreme sports or stuntmen probably were like this as kids, right?!?

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