Wednesday, February 22, 2012

T-Fal 2-Slice Avante Deluxe Toaster Review

I love using a toaster. Bread, english muffins, eggo waffles, toaster strudel and my favorite bagels! My last toaster was attacked by ants on a hot summer day when a toaster strudel got over cooked and I could not get it out. While attempting to extract my burnt strudel the side was torn and sticky cinnamon goo went everywhere. Then the ants came! It was not good! Some of the ants even got stuck inside the toaster and the toaster was ruined. I have been weary of getting a new one until I knew what needed to be improved on my toaster so this did not happen again. Mainly the extraction of toasted items is when things are broken or torn on your toasted delights. With this in mind I looked for a toaster that would make it easy to get items out of it.

The T-Fal 2-Slice Avante Deluxe Toaster was just what I was looking for. The toasting area is at an angle so it makes it easy to see and remove your toast. Pus it has a lift button that pushes your item up above the toaster level for an easy grab of your toasted items. This toaster has two other great functions that I have not has on a toaster. 

The bagel button made me say "oh yes!" Since I am a huge bagel fan this was an awesome feature for me. The first time I made a bagel I did not push the button just to be able to compare the results. The first bagel came out burnt and I wondered if I really did to use the bagel button. I tried it again using the button and it came out perfect! Not too tasty and warm all the way through. The stop button is great too. If you see its getting to toasted you push is and up pops your toast.

The angled design provides effortless viewing of the bread while toasting as well as safe and easy removal of toast. With 1200 watts of power this toaster toasts bread 40 percent faster than conventional toasters. The extra-wide self adjusting slots that are ideal for any bread thickness so you'll get perfect toast every time.
  • Bagel toasting technology toasts the inside and gently warms the outside
  • One touch light-up function to toast frozen breads
  • 7 customized toasting levels for desired browning quality
  • Brushed stainless steel front with cool-touch exterior
  • Stop button stops toasting process at any time

If you are in the market for a toaster I would recommend this one since its simple but up to date on cool extras like a slanted angle for easy pull out, a lift lever to push the toast to you, a Bagel button (so cool!) and a stop button.

*I was not paid for our review. The opinions are 100% mine and may vary from others. I was provided the product mentioned in this post to review for free from the PR company that represents them. 

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Betty Roberts said...

I will have to pick one of these up! I love bagels too!

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