Sunday, February 5, 2012

Road Trip! Destination Nowhere

Today we got in the car and drove up the freeway for about 30 or so minutes and got off to drive around. We were not going anywhere just out driving around. We saw all sorts of stuff, a small town full of historical buildings and stores ( we are planning to go back and get out of the car next time!) farms with horses, cows and chickens, lots of small wineries and wide open spaces. It was awesome! I love seeing houses and front yards to get decorating ideas for my own home. It reminds me of how my Mom would take us to walk around the bumpy sidewalks of old Pasadena when we were kids. I loved those walks. We would get ice cream cones and just enjoy the beautiful old neighborhoods filled with huge oak trees as we walked to a park to play.

Today our plan was to drive to no where and find our way back home. We saw things that are close by and would not have known if not for our mini adventure. We found a great place to access a local lake and we are planning a sandwich picnic to go back there very soon.

Even though it was a road trip that did not stop I had a wonderful time!


Anonymous said...

I love doing that. We play a game and let the kids choose which direction to go. Its a lot of fun and doesn't cost as much.

L Howard said...

Thats a great idea to have the kids pick the direction. I love car rides.

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