Monday, February 6, 2012

Rayman Origins by Ubisoft for Wii Video Game Review

Adventure Platform games can be super fun to play. They can be fun to play a bit then put down without too much pressure of having to play for hours on end. I heard rave reviews about Rayman Origins but I did not care for it too much. It had some cool interactions but for me I like more classic cartoon type of games. I did love that it is a side scrolling game those are classic and fun to play. I am just not much of a Rayman fan.

One neat aspect was the four game player mode. I am sure kids will love that. To be able to play with their friends on an adventure platform. My husband told me I must be getting old if I am not a fan of Rayman lol. As with most games though everyone likes different ones so definitely rent it to try or if your a Rayman fan already I am sure you will enjoy the game.

*I was not paid for our review. The opinions are 100% mine and may vary   from others. I was provided the game in this post to review for free   from the PR company that represents them.

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