Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Words and Phrases

My son is not a big talker. He likes to gesture, point and get me to guess what he means. Its our baby charades. I have even had a few people ask me if he knows signing, I laugh and reply no he just makes up his own stuff. But this last week he has been saying so much more. His newest thing is "Help Me". I find it awesome since he is recognizing he is a "me" and that if he asks I am there to help him. He asks for something he cant reach, a closet he wants open, to put on his socks and shoes and when he needs something. He even now says "Im Stuck". The other day I was in the kitchen making him lunch and I hear "Help me I'm Stuck!" I go down the hall and he managed to climb to the middle shelf of a deep cupboard and could not figure out how to get down. It was beyond cute. He held out his hand and again said "help me I'm stuck" I grabbed him out and got him down and he said "your welcome". Oh he cracks me up!

He has realized if he says "help me" I will quickly come to see what is going on. I was using my computer and he was behind me sitting on some empty boxes. He likes to make little play areas with them. He said "help me" I turned around and he was sitting there with a sly look on his face then giggled. I asked him if he was ok and he smiled. I turned back around and he said it again. Again he was sitting there needing nothing. The third time he did it he was standing on top of a small box waving to me. I explained to him you only say "help me" when you need help. He said to me "ok" The fourth time he said "help me" I did not turn around then he yelled "help me!!" I turned around and he was stuck between the wall and a few boxes that had slid over and he was stuck behind. I laughed and rescued him. Its seems all boys do cry wolf at one point!

Now even I think his "help me"might be a false alarm I still go see what he is doing to make sure he does not need a rescue. I love that he is saying more and understanding that what he says gets results. I cant wait to see what the new things he will come up with to entertain himself.

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