Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MarieBelle Frangelico Truffles Review

This Valentines I told myself to not over indulge in large volumes of candy. That if I was going to eat candies they would have to be gourmet ones and I would savor every little nibble! I have heard of the famous chocolatier MarieBelle and Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur and the two of them together to make a truffle is delicious!

You dont have to travel to New York to enjoy MarieBelle Frangelico Truffles unique chocolate treats, you can find them online at The flavor of the truffles was a rich dark chocolate hazelnut with a smooth texture with hints of vanilla, coffee and almond. Each piece is like a mini piece of art. With red, pink, yellow and orange that are painted on.

I sampled the 4 piece box of MarieBelle Frangelico and I enjoyed every bite! They are a treat for yourself and not the kids. I hid mine in my office so I could enjoy them all for me! lol Expensive chocolates like these are great for a Valentines treat for an adult you love.

Here is some product info about the Truffles:
MarieBelle New York combines the finest single-origin chocolate with eclectic ingredients and artisanal techniques to create edible works of art. Our newest addition to the roster of whimsical flavors is Frangelico, an indulgent blend of hazelnut and rich dark chocolate, layered with hints of almond, vanilla and coffee. The chocolates resemble semi-precious jewels as displayed in their beautiful hand-made boxes.

I also found a really cool candy that I will be asking for this Mothers Day, River Rock Candy!

*I was not paid for our review. The opinions are 100% mine and may vary from others. I was provided the a 4 pc sample box of chocolates mentioned in this post to review for free from the PR company that represents them.

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