Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shlickers aka Stickers

My son has a love for "Shlickers" (stickers) that is crazy. He loves to have as many as he can. We get them at the stores in bulk. He sticks them on himself, me, his stuffed animals, the furniture, the walls, the TV, and anywhere he can reach. I find myself having them on my face and clothing when I dont realize it. I have had many people point on one on my face or butt that I forgot was there. lol

It all started with the sticker that he would get at our local Raley's grocery store. Every time we go, and we go a lot, they give him a sticker, sometimes two so his Giraffe can have one too. Now he wants a sticker from every place we go. He wants them off fruit he sees in the stores too. I find it so very sweet since when I was little I had a sticker collection too. I would take them off of apples and bananas in the store too. My mom would buy me great stickers from places we went. I remember once in Santa Barbara and Solvang we went into toy stores and we would get me a few unique stickers for my collection. One of my favorites was a big one that had a few different dog breeds on the sheet. I had many many stickers that I did not use but collect. My son loves to use them and not collect them but as a girl I liked to keep my pretty stickers intact. I had a very collectible personality as a kid. My rock and shell collection was impressive!

When I moved out of my parents home I left my sticker collection behind. The big kid I am I did want to take it but thought I would be a dork if I did. Thankfully it was passed down to my little sister Meg who got to have sticker fun with them. Stickers oddly used to be a bit pricey when I loved them but now for my son I can go to Walmart or the Dollar Store and he gets a bunch of them. So if you see me in public or in a picture and I am covered in stickers you will know why.

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Jessica said...

I can completely relate! My two daughters love stickers and I too had a collection as a kid. I've kept my prize collection to share with them when they are tiny bit older.

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