Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random Blog Found

My blog is on blogger and at the top of the page there is a button that says "Next Blog". I have never really noticed this button until today. Out of curiosity I clicked on it. The first two blogs were plain and had not been updated in several months but on the third click I stumbled onto a super cute craft blog. To my amazement this woman has my exact same name! Crazy right!

She makes adorable felt and other crafts on her site. She is the crafty woman I wish I was. For some reason my crafts seem to turn out the same as when I was in elementary school lol. I am more of a DIY building stuff kinda woman. I love the delicacy of her creations. She has even written a book about her felt crafting. And did I mention she knits too, sheesh I need to get more crafty over here. Sam, Nana and Meg went through a knitting stage a few years back and we all have awesome scarfs from it. I would love to one day make a quilt.

Oh I should mention the name of her site, Bugs and Fishes 


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