Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Princess, 2 Little Monkeys, And A dream Come True

I am the grandmother of three charming, handsome, and all around great little grandsons. My daughter Sam has two boys and my daughter Laura who lives in California, has one. These boys have my heart. As a good grandmother, I have have played sword-fighting, trucks, trains, crashing cars, superheros, football and more. I love it all. Regular readers here know that my daughter Sam recently had a baby girl. Her name is Ashley and she is the sweetest and loveliest baby ever.

Having a girl is completely different than having boys. I can see that daily life with two boys is loud, fun, and very rough and tumble. I think most moms would agree that life with little boys is a never ending adventure. Having to say things like "Do not jump off that table!" and "Don't pull the cat's tail, she'll scratch you!" is simply the way life is with little guys. Of course drying the tears that come because he did pull the cat's tail and the cat scratched him, is also the way life is. So after having two boys, Sam wanted a little girl with all her heart. I'm so happy her dream came true. From her sweet pink nursery to her pretty hats and clothes, Ashley is getting the girly-girl experience that Sam has always wanted to share with a daughter of her own. "Think Pink" is practically our motto around here lately. I wanted to share this photo of Ashley I took the other day with my new camera. I'm loving her headband!

Now I say I'm the grandmother of three charming, handsome grandsons and one extra special granddaughter. And I couldn't feel luckier.

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