Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hallways.......a new found play area

My son has more energy than I know how to contain. He is constantly running, jumping and playing ball. Anything that involves a ball he is all over it. Soccer, golf, bowling, tennis, baseball or football he will play if you are willing. I find myself running out of places to let him be wild indoors. Today he was wound up and not even his favorite story would make him settle down. He kept saying over and over "Play Ball Mama". In the living room he was getting a bit wild and we hit the tv a time or two so I went into the hallway. Oh my did that boy have a blast. He kicked the ball as hard as he could and giggled the whole time. I would roll it to him and he would run up and kick it. He is a future kick ball star of recess lol. Having a boy is an adventure in keeping him happy along with safe. Our hallway is now our new ball court. I am even thinking of putting a little basketball hoop on the wall. There are no windows to break, no items to break and he can have a wild good time!


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