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Puppy Prep Kit with Milk-Bone® Dog Treats #ILoveMyk9 #CBias

My puppy 7 years ago

Getting a Puppy for the Holidays or anytime of the year requires a bit of preparation. Somewhat like having a baby come home you need to have some supplies. Of course with a dog it is a lot easier and they require less but just like being prepared for a baby being prepared for a puppy can make having a new member of your household go much easier. With a puppy the key is to have the right items to be able to train your pup to be a well behaved dog.

Having great treats to train you puppy is the incentive they need to learn obedience like sit, stay, come and roll over. Treats were a great motivator for my lab puppy when we first got her. She loved her treats and they made her be a very well behaved puppy. One of her favorite treats that were great train with were Milk-Bone®. They are flavorful and are easily broken up for training. Plus when they are done with a training session they get to have a full size one. My dog loved this type of reward system. Another type of dog training we did was Bell Training were she learned to ring a bell that hung at the back door when she needed to go potty. For this training we used a beefier treat like the Pup-Peroni treats that were small bites packed full of flavor. With consistency on my part and her willingness with a great treat reward I had her bell trained in less than a week. Shes been awesome since and only had two accidents in 7 years! (mainly my fault for not letting her out!)

There are many great treats on the market to pick from but for my dog I still stick to Milk-Bone® for my dog. There are often new items on the market like Milo's Kitchen. I have considered trying to find brands of dog treats that are natural with no artificial flavors or colors. Since I am a couponer and love to buy new products when I find a coupon for one. I was delighted to see that Milk-Bone® offered on the box a peel off coupon for $2 off when I purchased Milk-Bone® along with Pup-Peroni or Milo's Kitchen. There will also be a coupon in the Sunday paper Dec. 11 for money saving coupons for Milk-Bone®.

This year we are buying a Puppy Prep Kit for a new puppy that we will donate. My son adores dogs. He would have a 101 of them all around him if he could. We just watched 101 Dalmatians and he went nuts over it. Knowing that we would be donating our Puppy Products we purchased at Walmart I wanted to be sure to include the items I thought would be great for a puppy.

When we went to out local Walmart we shopped for Milk-Bone®, Pup-Peroni and Milo's Kitchen. These will be great treats to train a new puppy with. With so much great stuff to pick from we decided on some good basics. I purchased a feeding bowl with bowls for water and food, puppy shampoo, collar, leash, rawhide, tennis ball and a rope toy. My son had a blast looking at all the dog items and pointed out to me all the dogs he spotted on the products. He loved all the stuffed animal type of dog toys too.

Another exciting thing happened when we were in Walmart! My son met Santa for the first time! At first he just waved since he had no clue who he was. After we did our puppy shopping he saw other children with Santa and wanted to go see him too. He climbed right up on Santas lap but as soon as Santa talked to him he wanted down. No worries there will be so many other chances to talk to Santa when he is ready. He gave Santa a few high fives before we left. It was really cute that Santa was there at Walmart.

We purchased a few other items we needed at Walmart then visited the Family Fun Center inside the store to play a few games than grabbed an item off the McDonalds dollar menu. We had a good shopping trip and I was happy that we were buying supplies to donate to a family that will be getting a new puppy.

My puppy all grown up into a big dog!

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You can see my entire shopping trip at Walmart for my Puppy Kit by reading my Google+ Story.

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Very cute, your puppy all grown up is beautiful!

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