Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Imagine Toys Deluxe Sing Along CD Player Review

Shopping for toys for my son is really fun for me. Before I had a child I would always tell my husband "Oh when we have kids I wanna get this or that". The shopper in me was always wanting to buy lots of cool toys. As the years went by I would find great stores and websites that I would add to my list of must shop when I had kids. Now that I have my sweet boy I have been slowly shopping at the stores I wanted to.

Part of the fun of online shopping is also finding new stores that other moms recommend to me. Imagine Toys is one of the new toy stores I have discovered and I love it. Its full of fun toys like Pretend Toys, Arts and Crafts, Learning Toys, Active Toys and Music and Dance. The toys are meant to encourage kids to use their imaginations and learn. They carry great brands such as ALEX Toys, Melissa & Doug, Papo, and a great Sale section. The Musical Section has many great items I know my son would love.

My son is a huge music fan! He dances to any music that he hears. In the grocery store, the mall, the car and even tv commercials. He even knows different music requires different dancing movies. He is the cutest little guy when he is dancing to music. Music is something I have played to him since I was pregnant with him and we use music often to help him to fall asleep. The first few months after he was born I would nightly play him a lullaby CD to soothe him to sleep. Now that he is older and likes to pick out what CD he would like to listen to I knew it was time for him to have his own little CD player. One he could carry around and take with us on the go. For him to have fun and for me to use to calm him into sleepy time on long road trips.

We found the Deluxe Sing Along CD Player at Imagine Toys and it was exactly what he needed. It is bright and colorful with big buttons for him to push. The CD Player has two microphones for he and both to be able to sing along. This year it has been so fun having him hum along and pretend to sing Holiday Music. He can sing parts of Jingle Bells, Drummer Boy and Deck the Halls. He smiles so big when he and I sing and dance with his new CD Player. We have put Barney CDs, Veggie Tales CDs, Juno Baby, Classical and Holiday Music in our CD player and he loves it. We have taken it to the park too. He was dancing on the grass while we had a mini picnic of hot coco and donuts! We can bring our own little Holiday cheer with us where ever we go with our CD player. I know this will be an item we use for many years.

Right now Imagine Toys are having the 12 Days of Sale and each day has a new and exciting deal.

You can learn more about Imagine Toys, find sales and often coupon codes on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

*I was not paid or compensated for this post. The opinions in this post are 100% mine. I was provided the products pictured to review for this post by the Company / PR Company.

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