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How Do You Feed a Hungry Giant? Pop-Up Book Review Workman Publishing Holiday Gift Guide

Giants seem to be a theme in the book publishing world right now and I find it wonderful! Giants are fun and magical characters that can be great for kids to learn from. In this book How Do You Feed a Hungry Giant ? the Giant is a gentle giant who has found a young boys home and asked for some food. Its a cute book with pop-up and pull tab features. My son thought it was funny to see the book move and do stuff. He tried to get a little rough with some of the tabs but did let me show him how to be gentle with it.

There is a cute little cookbook leaflet for recipes to feed your little Giant

Book Summary from the Publishers Website:

When a boy named Oscar discovers a giant—a very hungry giant holding a sign that says “Food Please”—in his backyard, he knows he can’t turn his back on him Yet it’s not easy feeding a hungry giant. A whole pizza disappears in a single gulp. Twelve blueberry muffins, 33 jars of peanut butter, 197 chocolate chip cookies—all just an appetizer. So what is little Oscar to do? Just how do you feed a hungry giant?

In this warmly illustrated and interactive picture book, the reader gets to help Oscar feed the giant. But despite Oscar’s best efforts—he cleaned out the fridge AND the pantry!—the giant still remains hungry. That’s when mom comes to the rescue. She has eight great recipes, including Mega-Pigs in Blanket, Jumbo Fries, The Biggest Burger in the World, Ginormous Blueberry Muffin. Each serves one giant—or eight kids. Yes, the “feed a giant” recipes are included in the book, printed in a separate 8-page mini cookbook, and are ideal for a kid’s party.

I found this book to be whimsical and fun to read. The ending is really cute too. It reminds me of how my son tries to feed the dog everything he sees. He likes to give her a bite of everything he eats. I loved the Chocolate Milk interaction of the Giant drinking a straw. This is a cute book that can teach your kids to give to others in need and help a stranger when they are in need.

You can connect with Workman Publishing to learn more about How Do You Feed a Hungry Giant and find other great books published by them online at facebook and twitter.

* I was not paid or compensated for this post. I was sent a free copy of this book for my review by the publisher/PR company. The opinions are 100% mine and may vary from others.

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