Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Guest Post Have Sippy Will Travel: Save Zoar- A Historical Settlement in danger in Ohio @zoarohio

Why would anyone want to destroy a historic German settlement in Ohio?  Who would do such a thing?  Our federal government, that's who.  Zoar was founded in 1817 by German religious separatists to set up a communal society in a new way of life.  Zoar is unique in the way it is preserved.  A walk around Zoar is like stepping into a time machine.  Everything is pristine, and you will be taking a stroll though our history.

Little Man, my grandmother, and I had a great time in historic Zoar- we checked out a metal-working shop, amazing gardens, a bakery, a tin shop where the town's cups, bowls, etc were made.  We saw the actual artifacts that the residents used, and were led on a tour by a descendant of the people of Zoar- her father had lived and worked there all his life.  A quiet, hardworking, unassuming people who came to America for a better life and an opportunity for their families, they were often separated from each other for months and years at a time trying to pay back the loan from the land.

Take a look at more of our photos from our trip to Zoar here- and let me tell you, fall is a great time to visit

These people wasted nothing- and especially not time- and did not have easy lives.  These German separatists, mostly farmers, were persecuted in their own land and came here to live and work freely.  Zoar is a living, breathing testament to the American dream and the values that we claim to hold dear.  As a young country, it would be a shame to allow a historical settlement to be flooded- we may not have the history that England or Spain does, but that doesn't mean it is not just as important.  Here is where your hand is needed. 

The current issue is, the levee which is at the base of the town.  This levee is in dire need of repairs according to US Army Corps of Engineers reports, it has a Dam Safety Action Classification 1 rating, the worst rating possible.  The USACE has three options: Repair the levee, tear down the village and let the area flood or relocate Zoar to higher ground.  The only option that makes sense is repair the levee.  Tearing down or trying to relocate the village would destroy this historic treasure.  Repairs would help keep this village alive well into the next century for our grand children to enjoy as well.

Take a look at this petition - please sign it if you agree.  Get the word out, Save Zoar!!
You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Please email me at to share this on your site.  Don't forget to sign it, too!  We can all  help save Zoar. 

* We at Frugal Family Tree have signed the petition to help save this historical place! 


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