Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Nana Has Been Absent From The Blog

It was a struggle for me to decide if what happened in my life was appropriate to write about here. I know we all have a tendency in Blog Land to keep it happy, to keep it light, to only show others the lovely and admirable parts of ourselves. But real life comes with the not so pretty parts, and the reality is that a single day can change everything we thought we knew to be true.

In July, my marriage of 35 years ended. It has been difficult, sad, and at times, overwhelming. Some people have asked me what happened, why did such a long marriage end? I could say that the children grew up, that we grew apart, that my husband grew into someone I didn't recognize anymore. All of this is true, but of course, it is not the whole story. I have spent two thirds of my life being married. Even when that person isn't there anymore, they are. You can't erase someone from your mind, even if that's exactly what you'd like to do. But there does come a time when you know it is best to try and move forward.
That time has come for me.

I am so lucky and blessed to have the love and support of my three amazing and beautiful daughters. Laura, Sam, and my nineteen year old daughter Megan, who is smart, and lovely, and wise beyond her years. I not only call these three women my daughters, but I also call them my friends. I don't know what I would do without them. My two wonderful sons have also been there for me with their own love and kindness. Obviously when parents split up, the entire family is effected, even when the children are all grown up, and have families of their own.

I am trying to realize that we are still a family, just a family in a different way. I also know that divorce happens everyday, marriages end, and families must change from what they used to be, into who they are now forced to be. It takes strength and courage and grace to build a new life. It takes time and faith that you will somehow come out a better person. That who you are now will lead to the person you want to become. That is the hope that I have for myself.

I love that my daughter Laura started this blog, and that she was kind enough to invite her sister Sam and I to lend our voices here as well. I look forward to being here again with all of you. I would like to get to know you. There are so many wonderful and amazing women who are blogging today. I am excited to put my own small voice out there with all of you and see what happens.

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Unknown said...

Hi Nana...I'm so sorry to hear the difficult time you've been going through. You are so lucky to have such wonderful children to help you through it!

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