Saturday, November 5, 2011

We Met Tillman the Skateboarding Dog!

Everyone knows how much my son adores DOGS! He doesn't say it he shouts it lol. He is so sweet, he still adores Kitty-Cats but recently dogs have been his favorite thing. I must admit I love it! As a kid I adored dogs. I have great memories of some of the dogs I had growing up. Its tough to have kids and animals but thankfully we are able to have our dog for my son to enjoy. 

We were watching the morning news and saw a story on how the famous Tillman the Skateboarding dog was going to be near our local mall at The Fountains of Roseville. After seeing a preview of the dog and my son getting excited to see him on tv we decided we had to go see in person.

We arrived just in time to grab a free bag of treats for our dog at home from Natural Balance Dog Food and get a good spot right in front. Tillman was here to celebrate the grand opening of Pet Food Express store in Roseville. We went into the store after meeting Tillman and we were impressed with all the cool stuff for dogs. They had cookies, balloons and more for the kids and pets alike! 

My son had a blast seeing Tillman Skateboard and technically its his first celebrity encounter, even if it is a dog!


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