Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Baby got his First Haircut!

I have known this day was coming soon. My son has been pushing the hair out of his eyes and on Halloween got candy stuck in his hair. It was time to get a haircut! I have been dreading this day because he has the sweetest long curly hair and I am worried his curls won't come back. That somehow this means he is a big boy. He just turned two hes only just a baby still. Perhaps I am over emotional about it, maybe I am more calm than some moms, either way I knew I had to cut it for him. He hates his hair brushed and to wash it makes him so very mad! He started to pull at it when it annoyed him. There is always the people who say oh dont cut it the curls will never come back to the people who say your little girl is so cute! LOL But in reality it is up to me and my husband on what type of hair do he will have until he can tell me himself what he likes.

His long curly hair!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we took him to our local mall to go to my favorite place to get my haircut. I had an awesome coupon to use too! It just arrived in the mail a few days before this and I already cut my hair so it must have been meant for him right?! When we left the house around 6 pm it was oddly very very foggy like creepy foggy. When we arrived at the mall I took his picture a bunch of times and almost thought no dont do it. But I did not want to be that kind of mom that gets all crazy about sentimental things. Its hair it will grow back!

As we were getting his haircut he was calm like wow calm. He is a wild monkey most of the time. He watched himself in the mirror as the woman cut his hair. He had his BFF stuffed giraffe in his arms and there was a giraffe on the cover he was wearing too. He liked that. We wanted a trim at first then it got shorter each time she asked is that short enough. We decided to go ahead and cut it short like in his baby pictures so we could see his sweet face and big blue eyes. The cutest thing was when he would take out his binkie look in the mirror smile at himself and then put it back. Toward the end he did get a bit restless and his bangs and side burns need to be straightened but for the most part the haircut is great. After his haircut we changed his outfit and let him go play at the mall play yard. He had a blast running around a squealing with the other kids. This time he did not have to push his bangs out of the way as he was running he seemed very happy about his new hairdo. For a moment I almost cried that he did not have those bouncing curls flowing in the air as he whooshed down the slide but than I told myself hes happy so I am happy.

His new Big Boy Hair cut

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ninalazina said...

A step closer to independence. First haircuts mark so much in a mother's life. There should be a first haircut day.lol
Have a good day.

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