Sunday, November 13, 2011

Maybe you should be on TV?

Have you ever watched a fun reality tv show and thought oh hey I could be on that show! Not the dramatic ones where people are acting insane but the ones where its home design or makeover?

I definitely have and searched a few places that I like to watch their shows to see if they were casting anywhere near me or if I fit the casting criteria.

I found the casting list for TLC and HGTV and they have a variety of shows listed.

This one I am sure most of us have heard of:

Are you interested in participating in an upcoming episode of Extreme Couponing? If you have the expertise to get amazing deals and accumulate fantastic stockpiles of goodies, we'd love to hear from you! E-mail us at

I love to coupon but I am not the Extreme kind but if you are or know a person who is it would be cool to have them be on the show. If I lived where there was double coupons I know Id have an awesome stock pile!

Homeowners in Los Angeles casting Design on a Dime

I found two HGTV opps for a Home or Room makeover for home owners in Los Angeles CA. That would be so fun!

You can read all the opportunites for TLC here and all the HGTV here.

If you get on a show totally let me know! I have seen two bloggers I "know" (dont really in person know but feel like I know lol) on TV before and I thought it was so cool! It be even cooler if it was one of my readers!

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