Sunday, November 6, 2011

I had to cut a few stands of my sons hair!

My sons curly locks!

My son has not had a hair cut since he was born. I love his sweet curls and he looks dashing! I get the mix between oh my hes gorgeous to your little girl is adorable. My plan was to not cut it until his first birthday, then after that passed I said ok not until his second birthday. Well I have not official cut it yet but I did have to snip off a few stands of his hair.

We are almost out of Halloween candy and my son has been doing great with only having a little bit each day. He knows there is goodies in his bucket and I have to hide it from him. I only give him the chocolate ones after learning a lesson about sticky candy.

He has had gummy candies before with no problem. I always tear it into tiny pieces so he does not choke on it. But on Halloween night he got a bit wild when we let him go through his bucket. After an hour of playing with his candy, putting it in the bucket then pouring it out and taking a bite of each kind he handed me to open. He started to cry and tug at his hair. To my surprise my sweet boy had gotten a gum drop tangled up in his curls! He was pulling it as hard as he could to get it out only making it more tangled. I tried a little water to get it out but he only cried more. So I had to have my husband cut off some of his curls to get the candy out. My son was thrilled to have it out of his hair and I was tickled that his first "hair cutting" experience was on Halloween.


Anonymous said...

Your little boy is just sweet. Cute story.

Kristin said...

Oh no! Love the story :)

New follower from Mom N Baby. You can check out my blog here: Thanks!

Julie Kieras said...

He has beautiful hair! Sorry you had to cut it but what a great story! :)

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