Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthday Bash Starts Today!

Our Birthday Bash for JJ and LW starts today and will run through the 30th. We are very excited to share this celebration of our sons with everyone. As a mom our childrens birthdays are a very special occasion for us as well. It makes us think of the day they were born and forever changed our lives for the better. I love looking back at the pictures of the day my son was born and previous birthdays. Kids grow up so fast and as our mother always tells us we need to savor every moment of their childhood.

 Happy Birthday to our sweet boys and we love you!!!

Our boys being born years apart but so close to the same day is special to us. Sam and I have birthdays close to one another and I can remember so many great birthdays we shared to celebrate together. We even had matching dresses! It makes me smile that our boys have birthdays close together too and we can celebrate them with you!

Having a kid with a birthday close to the holidays we always want to make sure our sons still get great gifts and the day feels special. I know many families have birthdays for their kids close to the holidays and this event will feature products parents and grandparents can purchase for their little ones for a birthday and ideas for Holiday gifts.

We are happy here at Frugal Family Tree to share our celebration with you our readers. We will be having awesome giveaways and birthday ideas to share.


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