Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bandai America Incorporated Review Birthday Bash

I have mentioned here before that JJ is a lover of all things Super Hero and Action Hero's from Cartoons. As a Mom of two boys I am learning more and more about things like Ben 10, Power Rangers and Thunder Cats. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to keeping up with! In order to know what and who is "hot" in the toy department you can check out Bandai America Incorporated . They have all of the latest and greatest in all things cool, just check out their product line. The neat things about Bandai is if you like an item you click on it and they will tell you the retailers who sell it are. Easy I tell you. Bandai and Saban Toys have teamed up to introduce the newest line of Power Rangers toys, "Power Rangers Samuria" TV series. The line includes action figures, vehicles, role-play items and Megazords that are unique to this brand.

I can remember Power Rangers when I was a kid. Mind you my little brother was the true fan, but I did see my fair share of episodes. It seems they are still around and the show and products are still in full force! JJ is just starting to get into them and it is making his Uncle proud, he is learning their names and starting to follow the story lines. When JJ opened the mask and sword set he was so excited! The fact that he too could look like his favorite Power Rangers was awesome!!

Along with the mask set we also got a few Power Rangers Action Figures. Go Go Power Rangers!

As far as a favorite action packed show around here, Ben 10 is a big one. I hear about all of his alien forms and JJ even knows the names of all of them. He was so excited to receive the Ultimate Ultimatrix for his birthday this year! It is a wrist band just like Ben uses to change into his many forms, it lights up and makes some pretty cool noises. What a hit! Bandia and Ben 10 toys marked their sixth year in retail this year. The fan base just keeps growing and growing!

Again to go along with the Ben 10 theme he also received a few action figures! We love action figures around here, the boys just love to make anything fight.

Check out Bandia America Incorporated today, after all don't you want to be in the know when everyone is talking about the Ultramatrix (wink wink).

You can become a fan of Bandai America on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about their cool toys!

* I was not paid or compensated for this post. I was sent a the toy mentioned in this post for my review by the Company/PR company. The opinions are 100% mine and may vary from others.

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