Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things My Baby Says

My son has been quite the chatter box lately. He now says "yep" when you ask him if he is ready or if he wants something. He says "cool" and "wow" when he is impressed. When he is curious he says "was-is?" If he is mad he says "no way" or "heyyyyy!" When we leave the house he waves and says "Bye Giafe" to say bye to his best friend his stuffed animal giraffe.

The one thing that makes me laugh the most is when he yells my name from across the house. Not Mama or Mom but my first name. He gets that from his Dad calling me from the other room. He can't pronounce it all the way and it sounds like the sweetest thing ever!

I have been waiting to see if the closer it gets to his 2nd birthday if he would start talking more and he really has. Sometimes he will say a word once that I have never heard him say and then he won't say it again. Its funny.

By what names do your kids or grandkids call you?

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