Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moms Like Me Groups

I belong to a great group called Moms Like Me. There are local moms I can talk to and learn from. I get the latest about what moms in my area are talking about and doing. Its nice to be able to connect with people online that you might never have met if not for the internet.

I belong to my local chapter Sacramento Moms Like Me but there are many Moms Like Me sites. There are 39 states that have a group and within the state there are regional groups. You can read the list here to see if there is a group near you. I live outside the main area of local group but so do many other moms. So if the group is 30 or more minutes away from you I would still encourage you to sign up since there is great giveaways and chats to participate in.

I want to attend the next activity the Moms Like Me Sacramento activity so I can meet some of the people I have chatted with online. Its a great way to connect with local moms and find new activities for your kids to do. I recently heard about a free local event near me on the site and attended with my son.


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