Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Many Firsts

As my sweet little nephew is having his first week of preschool. I reflect on the simple firsts we have been experience for my little guy. I love that about kids, the first this or that. Its so new and sweet.

For my little guy its been new foods. Hes not a picky eater its more like I am a picky mama on what I give him. Thankfully and I am sooo thankful for this he loves to eat meat and veggies. Carbs like breads and pastas not so much. This week he has tried two new things that made me smile.

The first is Polska Kielbasa. For most people its not a big deal. But for me its like a right of passage. It sounds silly but being almost half Polish its the one thing we eat that feels like its part of our family. We ate it all the time as kids and LOVE it. I like to BBQ it, put in with peppers and pasta, pan fried with veggies and potatoes and with cabbage and red potatoes instead of corn beef. I beamed the whole time he was eating it. I made him a bunch and he gobbled down every bite! 

The other first was a drumstick ice cream. He has had ice cream before but never an official drumstick. He held it for a while like it was something odd. It was cute! I showed him to bite it and he laughed at me. He ate it in reverse he ate the whole cone then the chocolate topping than the ice cream on the inside. Its not the healthiest of frozen treats but oh my are they fun to eat! 

Trying new foods can be fun! What foods has your little one tried this month?

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