Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh See?!?

My son has started to talk more. Its so darn cute! My baby is trying to be a big boy. His new favorite thing to say other than NO! is "Oh See". He points to stuff and says "Oh See" with such a joy in his heart. I think he got that from me. He is trying to say "Do you see?" I say that to him often apparently a bit too often!

He made his first official sentence last week using "Oh See". We were sitting at the table looking at a catalog of birthday parry supplies. I told him to look at the pictures and show me which one he wanted for his birthday. He is turning 2 in November and I am excited to think of what I can do for his big day.

As we flipped the pages he was quiet and looking. Then as soon as I turned the page he spotted Thomas the Train. He pointed to the pictures and yelled, "Oh See Oh See Choo Choo!"

It was sooooo cute! He loves Thomas the Train and for his 1st bday he had a Thomas cake. It looks like he might be having a Thomas themed party for this year. As he might say, "We will ....Oh See"

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cortney said...

that is so cute! and calling the train a choo choo is super adorable.

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