Friday, September 23, 2011

Kidlandia Personalized Pillowcase and Mug Review

I really like the company Kidlandia. Its fun, whimsical and best of all you can personalize your items. Long before my son was born I knew what we would name him and would oh and ah when I saw products with his name on them. Now I love that I can buy them and find new stuff to have his name on.

Lately my son has been all about this is mine! He understands that we have things that are specifically our own and he wants to have his. He has taken my pillow for the last 4 nights in a row and will not given it back. I was thrilled when his Kidlandia personalized pillowcase arrived in the mail. I showed it to him and told him it says your name on it so its yours. He looked at me funny but I know he will get it. Its super cute and I love that I got him the map of the USA pillow case he can learn his states. He has a Kidlandia World and USA map on his wall and I show him North American and then California to show him where he lives.

The Pillow cases would make a really cute Holiday gift. They have USA Maps, World Maps, Family Trees,
Sponge Bob, Veggie Tales, Dora the Explorer and more. These would be great to give to someone who has multiple children to make each kid feel special to have a pillowcase with their name on it.

Another item my son has deemed he needs his own is a mug. My husband and I each have a specific mug we drink our morning coffee out of. My son loves to pretend to drink out of them when they are empty and says "Ahhhh" like its a good cup lol. A few times I have placed him in his high chair and with a straw and a mug I pour a bit of Blueberry juice in it and let him sip out of it. Now that he loves to use straws when he is in his high chair he needed his own mug. I looked at Kidlandia and they have the cutest Kreechurs Pirate Mugs that you can personalize. You can pick what trees, items and words go on the mug. I had fun making mine. Now my little guy has his own mug like mom and dad to drink his morning cup of juice in.

Kidlandia has many great items that make perfect gifts for under $25. Placemats (they have Winnie the Pooh and Disney Princesses), Pillow cases, Mugs, Mouse pads, Posters and Door Hangers.

Definitely check Kidlandia for cute and personalized gifts for the Holidays.

* I was not paid or compensated for this post. I was sent a free mug and pillow case for my review by the company/PR company. The opinions are 100% mine and may vary from others.


Gladys Parker said...

Oh, I love the pillow case with the map!
I sure hope there is a giveaway to this!
Gladys P

L Howard said...

I will look into it! They have great prices!

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