Thursday, September 29, 2011

Frugal Home

I love to buy stuff for my home. I really LOVE it when its such a great deal I smile when I see it in my house! Yesterday at Target I found a lamp for only $11.98 on clearance. I love to shop the back of the departments for great deals. I thought about buying it for my home office so I can see better and it would look nicer. But my son was getting restless so I eneded up leaving before deciding on if I really wanted it.

This morning I thought ok I really do need that lamp so I can see better in that room. We went back to Target today and I found the lamp I was looking at had been marked down to $4.24!! I was so giddy with joy that I waited a day and got an awesome deal. The toy clearance was marked down as well as the back to school supplies. I would definitely go check your local Target for early holiday gifts and for school supplies. I know when I was in school having new supplies after the holiday break made it fun to go back to class after so much time off.


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karenmed409 said...

Love shopping the clearances.. I get a lot of bargains.. you scored big with the lamp.

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