Thursday, September 15, 2011

Frugal Fun!

I remember many fun days as a kid with pillows, blankets, chairs and couch cushions to build forts. Its so simple and FREE to have fun in this way. My son has a blast when I set him up a mini fort to read his books in and just hang out. He is too little to use chairs to make a fort so I just use a blanket and a couch cushion.

He often will curl up and take a nap in his fort after giggling and rolling around in there. After I took this picture I realized I could use another cushion as the roof to make it more fun and used a smaller blanket to make a flap door. I climbed in there with him and he could not stop laughing.

It was simple, frugal and fun! All it requires is some mama engineering and a bit of my time!

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