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50 ft Party Kmart Halloween Shopping Review

Halloween has been a favorite holiday since I was a kid. I have awesome memories of my parents making the day super fun and spooky! My mom always had the greatest decorations for inside and outside our home. She would do spider webs, creatures, skeletons, vampires, pumpkins, witches and so much more! My brothers and sisters would always dress up and be something new each year.

Now that I am a mom too I want Halloween to be memorable for my son and just as fun as my mom made it for me. For me the decorations are what make Halloween feel real. Costumes you wear maybe a few times during October but decorations are up for a whole month.

A new tradition we have started for my son is Halloween costume contest. Last year he won second place and he was dressed as a lobster. Everyone asked where I got the costume from. It was soooo cute! Handing out candy is always something we do and a spooky decorated house is what makes it fun for us and the trick or treaters.

This year we headed to Kmart to shop for Halloween decorations. I tried to buy stuff that was spooky but not scary. My son was a bit apprehensive over some of the stuff we saw. Last year he was kinda mellow about everything, this year he is much more aware of things that make him scared. Before I went to Kmart I looked at the online items to get some ideas of what I wanted. I found a site by Kmart specifically for Halloween called Attack of the 50 ft Party .This site is full of Halloween ideas, tips, and tricks to have the spookiest and coolest Halloween! You can read more about the other blogs sharing their Halloween ideas from Kmart on twitter by searching the hashtag #KmartHalloween

When we first arrived at Kmart I noticed the signs for the Halloween department. As we were headed to it we found the Halloween Candy section first. There were great displays and a lot of candy to select from. They were having a 2 for $5 sale that was great. I could not find the Harvest M&M's I was looking for and even though there were a few employees stocking the shelves no one asked if I needed help. So I had to pass on finding those. I like the bags they come in but I did find one of my favorite treats, Branch's Mellowcreme Pumpkins. Its not officially Halloween time until I buy a bag!

After leaving the candy section I followed the signs and products along the way to the Halloween Costumes and decor section. But when I got there I was slightly disappointed with it looking a bit empty. They had some cool stuff but there was a large empty spot that looked like it could be for more Halloween items.
The stuff they did have was great. The Totally Ghoul items were cool and a good price. Everything from skeletons, spiders, haunted mirrors, headstones, lots of animated items and skulls. My son was pointing to stuff saying “wass at?” His way of saying “whats that?” I had to explain a bit about Halloween being make believe to a 22 month old he was kinda freaked out by it all so we headed to the more cute section.
The more cartoon looking items he liked and the big spider webs he said ohhhh when he saw them. The costume section had lots of great stuff too. I found a cute M&M’s costume but it was not my size lol! I looked at the kids costumes trying to find something for my son but nothing really jumped out at me as a I have to have this costume.

My original plan was much different from what I wanted to buy to what I did buy. I placed a wooden sign in my cart since I could not find the door greeter I wanted to buy that I found online. As we headed to the check out area I found where all the workers were, standing by customer service! I asked one of them about the Red Vampire M&M’s Door Greeter I wanted so bad and they replied its right behind you. They were on a display by the entrance of the store. Oddly I had not noticed them on the way in and there were none of them in the Halloween section. I wish they would have placed a few of them in the actual section so I would have been able to plan out my shop better. I put back the wooden sign and got my awesome door greeter as I had planned.

The check out clerk was a really nice guy. He talked to my son about his cool stuff. Asked me if I had my rewards card and I did thankfully! My rewards card printed out a coupon for 25% off costumes so I might be headed back there thanks to my great coupon! Kmart had some great Totally Ghoul items but it seemed like the same Kmart I shopped at as a kid. I think the store needs updating to look newer and more appealing.
We paid for our items and headed to the car. When I put all the Halloween stuff in the trunk it made me laugh to see the M&M’s vampire in the trunk like it was his sleeping coffin!

When we arrived home I was excited I got my Door Greeter and Scary Flying Ghost as I planned to. In addition to those items I ended up buying some candy, a candy cauldron, Snoopy Luminary and a trick or treat bag. Overall I was happy with my purchase.

I cannot wait to set up my ghost and door greeter as it gets closer to Halloween. They are both great purchases I will enjoy for many years. A big surprise in how cool the item was is the Snoopy Flameless Luminary Kit . It had little battery operated fake candles that fit perfect and lit up the candles just like a real candle would. I waited until sundown and placed them in the front yard. They looked really cool and I can’t wait to use them.

Kmart is really having a fun time with Halloween this year with their sales and promotions. On the Kmart Facebook page there is a Monster Bash contest celebrating the 50 ft Party promotion. You can win a gift card to Kmart to create your own awesome Halloween party. You can enter once a week as the prizes get bigger the closer it gets to Halloween.

20% Off All Children's and Teen Costumes.Offer valid in all stores. No coupon required.
$10 OFF All Halloween Licensed Porch Greeters, plus 25% off All Halloween Licensed D├ęcor. Offer valid in all stores. No coupon required.
Buy two get one free Mars singles
$2.99 Paper napkins
$3.99 Paper plates
2 for $3 Little Debbie Fall Cakes
2 for $6 Lay’s chips
10 for $10 Beverages
20% off Smart Sense cookies or cracker
2 for $3 Snacks
2 for $5 Hershey’s candy

I made an Intersect Story about my Kmart Halloween Shopping experience for you to read here.

*Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are my own and may vary from others.


Crystal Martin - Cinnamon Hollow said...

AWESOME shop! My Kmart didn't have the M&M greeters at all and I wanted one so badly. They are super cute. I'm hoping they add more items before Halloween. I think they were just starting to stock the decor. I'm hoping that's the case anyway.

Unknown said...

We don't have a Kmart anywhere close to us. When I lived in GA (and before our local store closed down), I often went there for holiday shopping. The prices really are GREAT! Thanks for sharing and that is a cute costume! Go get it, have fun!

Brandi said...

That little M&M guy is so adorable, I can't stand it. Your little one is even more adorable, though!!!

Anonymous said...

Who knew Kmart was so cool? Your son is an angel. So cute.

Superdumb Supervillain said...

My son is obsessed with those pumpkin candies, too! I am so ready for Halloween…

Anonymous said...

Everybody loves having a Halloween party.

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