Friday, August 19, 2011

Online Promo Code Deals

I have found being a Frugal Mama has helped me to appreciate the things I do get to buy. Before my son I would buy whatever and not think of how much I spent or if I really needed it. Now when I want to buy something I always check for coupons, promo codes and even rebates. This has saved me so much money over the last almost 2 years (yikes my son is almost 2 that's a whole different post!).

One of the best ways I save money is shopping online using promo codes for things like free shipping, percentage off or free items with purchase. I am never happy to pay high shipping prices, I know its necessary, (at least until they invent the replicator like on Star Trek) but it irks me to pay more to ship something than my purchase. So I get excited when I find free shipping codes.

Here are a few promo codes I found today:

Disney Halloween Shop use code TREAT to get free shipping on any Halloween store item. Valid until Aug 26th.

Champs Sports use code EMCHV898 to get 20% off your online purchase no minimum required (in the 4th step of checkout) Valid until Aug 22

Carter's use code SAVEEXTRA to get 20% off your online purchase, excludes furniture. Valid until Aug 22


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