Friday, August 5, 2011

My Little Helper

My son makes me laugh at his willingness to help me clean up. Of course its always on his terms! The other day I was collecting laundry to put in the washer and I could not find his green plaid shorts I wanted him to wear the next day. I looked everywhere until I discovered he had placed them in what I am sure looked like a hamper to him, the trash can! I give him an "A" for effort though. I will now get him his own little hamper so he can properly put his dirty clothing in it.

This evening too he was a helper. When we got home from the grocery store he noticed I did not immediately put away my purse and diaper bag since I was putting away groceries. So he dragged them both one by one down the hall and placed them in front of the hall closet where I store them. I watched him do this and it was just so sweet to see that he really does learn by watching me. He knows we are suppose to put away our stuff when we get home. I love it!

Hopefully these cleaning and put away habits stick through the teenage years lol!

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