Friday, August 26, 2011

Liz (me) Needs a Bathroom Makeover!

Silver handles and Gold Handles do not go together!

I am embarrassed that my bathroom needs a make over so badly. When we first move into our current home I was 5 months pregnant and had no desire to decorate. The bathroom was a very ugly toothpaste like turquoise green that I did not like. A friend of ours agreed to paint the bathroom with some blue paint he had. I was very thankful for it. It turned out to be two different blues and a very rushed job. But it was not the turquoise green anymore so I was happy.

Blue paint all over my white crown molding!

More blue paint all over the crown molding

I told myself after my son was born I would have time to paint it another color and to fix all the over paint and under painted spots. Well yeah right! As a first time mom I had no clue there would be no more free time. Its a myth!

Mix matched water handles!

Ugly light fixture and more blue paint on the crown molding

You can see on the edges the turquoise paint that was once there!

Now that I have taken a closer look at my bathroom I realize theres more than paint that needs to be fixed. I have the ugliest light fixture that needs to go bad! It even has a burnt out light that I have yet to replace due to my hate for the fixture. Its an odd bulb that I need to go to the hardware store for.

Now there's white paint on the blue paint, its a mess!

My beautiful crown molding is a mess!

The handles on the sink cupboard are gold while other handles and towel racks are a silver color. The bathtub water spout is capped off and we have a hand held sprayer for it and the knobs for hot and cold are a mix match. It works but it could be so much better! This is also our guest bathroom which at times is very embarrassing since people we love and friends see it! I am lucky to have an extra bathroom in my home, I dont want to be a complainer but oh my its in need of a makeover!

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