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Four Seasons Seattle Art Restaurant Larry Gets Lost In Seattle Menu Review

On Sunday we spent the day in our favorite city, Seattle and while we were there we went to the Four Seasons Hotel and Residences for Brunch. Now I know what you may be thinking, you took two small children to the Four Seasons for Brunch? Have you lost your mind? You might be thinking the Four Seasons is pretty fancy and luxurious place to take your children to for brunch, I know I used to. I guess I thought that the Four Seasons was a place for the executive type and with two little boys we do not fit that bill! I was so wrong.

(Here we are outside of the hotel, on the streets of Seattle)

The Four Seasons Hotel has collaborated with John Skewes, the creator and illustrator of the successful Larry Gets Lost™ picture book series to create a creative kids menu. Remember in March when we did the book review for Larry Gets Lost in Seattle? We love Larry and when we heard the news that the Art Restaurant and Lounge loves him as much as we do, we were dying to check it out!

When we were seated the first thing we noticed was the set up for the boys. They each had a fresh bowl of fruit, a cup of water in a cute cup and a berry smoothie with a straw! I have to give the Four Seasons credit, they know how to start a meal off right for kids :) As you can see the smoothies were a HUGE hit!

The place mats had Larry and Pete on them and the menus were just like the book but with coloring activities as well. JJ and Baby L were "reading" their menus like good little boys.

Larry's Menu for Kids had a lot to choose from but as soon as JJ heard pasta that was it. He knew what he wanted. On top of pasta being his favorite meal, the pasta was in the shape of the Space Needle, a tourist spot in Seattle that he learned about from reading Larry Gets Lost in Seattle. Perfect. For Baby L we ordered the PB and J sandwich, another perfect choice for a 1 year old.

(Here are the Space Needle Noodles with cheese!)

(Baby L's PB and J, look how cute they cut off the crust!)

(JJ and I after his meal arrived, he was so excited!)

For brunch I had a sausage skillet and my husband had an omelet, both very tasty but I guess this is about the kids right? The boys both ate up their food and were perfect gentlemen, well except Baby L may have been ready to go as soon as he was done. But all and all the boys were very good. A lot of that was do to the wait staff. Everyone was so nice to us. This is our cute and super sweet waitress Tamara, she was so good talking to JJ and really made him feel special.

(Our server,Tamara presented JJ with a Jones Soda that featured Pete and Larry. Awesome)

(We love Larry!)

Part of our little outing was to celebrate my birthday as well. So for the occasion we ordered the Space Needle Sundae from the Larry's Sweet Stuff off the kids menu. They were not joking when they said it was a Space Needle Sundae. The giant Space Needle was made out of shortbread cookie, with Apple cotton candy around the Needle to represent fog, and inside was chocolate and vanilla ice cream. YUM!!! We shared/devoured it. What a clever way to incorporate the beautiful city we were in.

As you can see JJ LOVED it!

To be honest at first I was a little apprehensive about taking two small boys to the Four Seasons Restaurant even though they do have a kids menu. I thought for sure we would be booted out of their for even thinking about dining there! Haha I was so wrong. Not only does the lobby have a really cool fire place when you walk into the lobby, the restaurant has beautiful views of the city, the staff is amazing, you really do feel welcome there. I loved everything about our experience. I would bring my children back here any time knowing that we are always welcome. Thank you to the Four Seasons Seattle and the Art Restaurant for making this experience great for my family and for letting us know that even though we have small children, we can still go to a "fancy" restaurant and enjoy ourselves. 

*We were guest of the Four Seasons and Art restaurant for the Larry Gets Lost in Seattle Menu promotion. We were not paid for our review. The opinions are 100% mine and may vary from others. We were provided a meal from the PR company that represents them.

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what an awesome review. great pics! sounds like a really fun time.

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