Sunday, August 28, 2011

Failed Assumptions

I always try not to assume things. It never ends on a good note. My husband says when you Assume something you make an A**-U-Me as in when you assume you make an a** out of you and me lol.

Well sadly last night my poor little baby cried for about 20 minutes because I assumed it was my husbands cousins son. We had a few cousins over for my son to play with and they had a mini slumber party. After all the kids passed out I went into my room to lay down. A few hours later I heard crying that was so sad. I did not think it was my son since he was out like a light when I put him in his crib. Plus it was a cry like I have never heard! I thought it was my husbands 1 year old so I just stayed in bed trying not to be a busy body about why the little guy wouldn't go back to sleep. I thought to myself they will figure it out go back to sleep.

Well apparently they thought the same thing about my son. They assumed I knew it was my Bubba and that we were tying to sleep train him to be on his room on his own. None of us wanted to tell one another how to parent so my sweet Bubba cried and cried. I got up about 15 minutes later to see if who I thought was crying needed a baba warmed up. I came down the hall way to hear the cries coming from my own son's room.

My heart sunk when I realized it was my boy! I felt horrible that I had not rescued him. Normally at night if he cries I am in there like a swift water rescue team to see what he needs. He was sitting up in his crib binkie still in his mouth crying at the top of his lungs. He whimpered like a puppy when I picked him up. It broke my heart that he was so upset. He fell asleep when all the kids were still in the living room playing so when he woke up alone in the dark I am sure he was scared. After a baba and some snuggling he was fine but oh my I was not. I felt horrible that by assuming it was "someone else kid" that my little guy had to get so upset. From now on I will not assume things when it comes to babies!



Gladys Parker said...

Things like that have unfortunately happened to me also and although we are heart broken at the time we have to remind ourselves we are only human and no matter how much we try not to we do make mistakes! I am saying this years later ofcourse as I have already beaten myself up about it more than needed!
Gladys P

Heather Kelly said...

This is why we have baby monitors. I also know by children's cries very well. We all sometimes think to ourselves "I wish that someone would make that baby stop crying." I will wake up in the middle of the night thinking that sometimes and then realize, hey wait, that's one of my kids crying. Your son will be fine for crying for that long. There are nights when I go in, get my two year old calmed down, then I leave the room and a few minutes later she starts fussing again. I go back in her room 2 more times, if she doesn't calm down then I have to let her cry till she stops, which sometimes can last 10 to 20 minutes. :(

L Howard said...

Thanks for your comments. I now see why a baby monitor is a great thing! He is fine of course I still feel kinda bad.

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