Sunday, August 14, 2011

Facebook Freebies Really Do Arrive

My Coupons Mailed to me

One way I try to be Frugal is to get freebies and coupons for free stuff. It is a temporary fix but often times it really helps.

I know many people wonder if signing up for a Facebook Freebie is worth the time. You have to like them and sign up then wait to see if it arrives. I was skeptical about them so I did not share here since I do not want to send anyone on a wild goose chase for a coupon, but now I know Facebook Freebies really do arrive in your mail box! I do not sign up for ones that I would not want the product but I do sometimes send them to family that might.

So Yes facebook Freebies do really come in the mail! If we find any good ones we will share the links.

Products I redeemed for FREE!


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