Monday, August 22, 2011

Ebay Anyone?

I know there are fads on the net for certain websites. Its like fashion things go strong then everyone moves on. Like MySpace, Napsters and I am sure more that no one goes to and there is no buzz about it. I was curious to how everyone feels about Ebay. Is it a place you go to look for good deals on new stuff, a steal on used stuff or do you just list stuff and not buy? Do you trust the buy seller relationship. I am simply curious how people feel these days. I never see ads on it or promos. Is it like a mainstay you just go to or are people avoiding it?

I have been thinking about it since the holidays are coming and this year are budget is smaller than ever so I want to find places to get great deals. I was even thinking Halloween decorations used ones would be a good deal there.

Have you found anything good on Ebay lately?

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