Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY Please?!

Oddly I was more DIY before I was married. My sister and I would paint and revamp stuff all the time as kids and teenagers. We would repaint dressers, tables, our room and once a play house we made light purple with white hand prints. It was the 80s so hand prints and the splash paint was big lol. Having a Dad that is a contractor made having the supplies right there for us to use. We would use drills, sanders, tools and we once made a funny statue that we still laugh about today.

Now that I am a Mom my DIY desires have returned. I am not sure if its the desire to be more Frugal or to just create something great from something no one wanted. Either way I need to DIY! The other day our neighbors were cleaning out there garage and placed stuff on the end of their driveway and a FREE sign attached to it.

My DIY ideas were twirling in my head. It was a round wooden claw foot table that looked worn but had tons of potential. It was really hot out and there was no one to help me get the table from across the street to my garage. I thought of calling my MIL to have her help me but its a long drive to just help me carry a table across a street. I told myself its ok I don't need an extra table. But in my heart I wanted to make something cool out of it like a craft or activity table for my son and I.

I thought to myself in the morning I will ask my neighbor if she would help me but the next morning it was gone! We do not have much traffic on our street so I figured it would still be there in the morning. My DIY dreams were shattered and now I really really need to get out this creativity streak I am having. So I say DIY Please!!!

What has been your greatest find that you have done a DIY fix up to?

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Quirky Homemaker said...

I love DIY projects, but like you haven't done any in a while! I do have a cabinet I got for $1.00 I was going to paint for my daughter's room, but haven't done it yet b/c we're so busy! Found you through Picket Fence blogs. Following now via FB and Twitter! have a wonderful weekend!
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