Thursday, July 21, 2011

What did you do with your time before kids?

The other day I sold a smaller memory card I had in my camera on Ebay. I thought oh I better make sure there is nothing on there before I ship this. Sure enough there were pictures from about 3 years ago on it. It was so weird to see the pictures. I told my husband these are before Bubba (our son) was born. We looked at them and thought to our selves what on earth did we do with our time before he was born. The obvious of work and stuff but like our spare time we wondered about, especially now that there is no "spare" time.

Other than the pictures of us on the memory card there were ones of my old hobby nature photography. There were over 50 pics of trees, flowers, clouds and animals. One time when my husbands grandmother came to visit a few years ago she asked if I had any friends since I only had pics of nature. Of course she was messing with me she is a hilarious lady but at the time I thought nothing of it. Now as a mom I realize how much fuller my life is having my sweet guy. I no longer have a zillion pictures of nature but I do now have a gazillion pictures of the greatest little creation of nature in my eyes.

What was a hobby you had before your kids were born? Did you give it up or find a way to incorporate it into your life as a parent?

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Nicole said...

I napped, I did my hair, makeup, and got dressed really nice each day. I bought things for myself and I went out with friends quite often. I didn't smile as much though ;0)

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