Monday, July 18, 2011

New Flavors Create New Faces

I adore the faces my son makes. He is so comical and you can see every emotion on his face. We have been trying new flavors of food and having fun doing so. Last night we had combo pizza that has red and green bell peppers on it. He made the most annoyed look on his face! He loves the olives but the bell peppers not so much.

Ice Cream is his new favorite treat. For a hot summer day its a perfect way to cool off after being at the park. Previously he had only tried Strawberry and Vanilla ice cream and Chocolate was a new flavor for him. I wasn't sure if he was sharing it or trying to give it back to me lol.

When I find a new product he enjoys its awesome! Smiles all around when we recently tried Fruit Simple juice. I liked it too so its a win win!  Although he did make a silly face when we tried Acai Cherry, I was laughing to hard to take a pic of that funny expression. Tart will be something we will save for later for now we will keep his treats sweet just like him!

What foods do your kids eat that  make them have a silly expression?

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